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Michael Sauceda

Michael has a true passion for building and remodeling design. He moved to St. Louis to begin his doctoral work in experimental psychology but quickly discovered that he was much happier at the other side of a power tool than the keyboard. He taught college courses at Saint Louis University and dabbled in corporate research and data analysis but kept daydreaming of the historic fixer-upper properties in St. Louis that he couldn't stop remodeling after hours. Michael left the academic and corporate life (although he is still working on and almost finished with his PhD.) to follow his dreams of running a high-end remodeling company in St. Louis and has never looked back.

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We are always looking for new and exciting projects to work on. Let's connect!

(435) 327-1913 - Send a text if we don't answer calls and we will get back you ASAP! (sometimes we are stuck on ladders and can't answer)

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