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Our Process

Our process can be summed up into the three phases below. Paramount within each of these three phrases is clear and frequent communication between client and contractor.

Bidding and Design

Our clients come to us at various in the design process. Some only have an inkling of an idea in mind while others have all design work finished and are just looking for someone to materialize their plans. Regardless of where YOU stand in the design process, we are excited to work with you!

After contacting us we will set up a time to meet in-person or virtually to discuss your project. Based on where your proposed project is in the design process we will either give you a preliminary precise bid, or for those less-designed projects, a price range.  If the fit is right, we will then work with you to flesh out the details of your project after which a formal contract will be signed between both parties.


For most projects we will be on site at least 40 hours a week to finish in a timely manner. Time will also be spent off-site planning and ordering and picking up materials as needed. The job site will be left in an orderly manner at the end of every work day. HEPA filters and negative vacuum environments are established in projects requiring dust management.

Project Wrap-up

At the completion of the construction phase we will review the contractual agreement and ensure that you are satisfied with the work. We will leave you with any leftover building materials (e.g., tile, grout, flooring remnants) to have on hand for future use (if desired).

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